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CES Las Vegas


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Im flying in so I won't have my truck. I might have some time on Friday to meet up for a drink. I've got soooo many meetings and parties to attend while I'm there I might not make it out alive :crazy:


Porn conventions in town at the same time isn't it? :devil:

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I might be there, not too sure, but if I am, it will be without my truck. My truck was supposed to be there, but I didnt get everything done in time and I know my audio wont be done by then. Oh well. Ya, the PORN convention will be there at the same time. What company will you be there with Dylan?

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Im the VP of Just In Time Audio & Video.


We're the #1 commercial sales and installation firm in the nation for DIRECTV and we do alot of high end custom A/V systems... mostly celebrities. :thumbs:


No booth this year... last year we setup and got more 'look-e-loos' than anything else. I'm mainly going to schmooze w/ distributors, vendors, and manufactures I work with. Its all a popularity contest! :cheers:

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yup... every year. gotta look at it this way:


You've got techno-geeks from every corner of the globe meeting in Vegas w/o their better halfs. What better time is there for a porn convention? I might have to make some time for that too. :D

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hey Chris I am here in vegas got in about 230 pm today flight was delayed.


seen some sites ,had dinner, and gambled a little.


wed am hoover dam tour / 4 pm wed afternoon blue man group at the luxor.

no real set plans for the evening yet .

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