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364 or 377

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I am getting a bit confused. Until now I thought and still believe our trucks have the LQ9 not LQ4 motor. I was reading and the LQ9 has a displacement of 377 ci, but I have heard it from Zippy, and a few others in various posts that it is only a 364.


Can someone clarify this?


:pop: (Just felt like adding that)

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From Zippy's link.....


Vortec H.O. 6000 6.0L V-8


Producing 345 hp (257 kw) and 380 lb.-ft. of torque (515 Nm), the Vortec H.O. 6000 is one of the most powerful engines found in a full-size SUV. It is available in the Cadillac Escalade EXT, Escalade ESV and Escalade all-wheel drive models and, later in 2005 it becomes the standard engine in Escalade 2WD models.


In addition to SUV power supremacy, the Vortec H.O. 6000 also is the standard engine in the Chevy Silverado SS



A 6.0 is a 6.0 as far as size goes....The displacement doesn't change...just the horsepower....

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Thanks. All this I already know and thought, but the book said the lq9 had a 377 ci displacement. The lq4 was designed for 87 octane but the lq9 was supposed to use premium because of the higher compression and my truck has the little "premium only" sticker.


Does anybody know the book I am talking about? It is the ls1/ls6 engine book.


Now I am :confused: . I believe most the people on here before the book too.

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