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I've been eyeing a 61 inch DLP HDTV made by either Samsung or RCA Profiles Scenium. Both have an excellent picture, both look to be well made, and the samsung is around 5000.00 the RCA is 9999.00 list, but I can buy it for 7199.00


I prefer these to a plasma for personal reasons (plasmas don't last as long and cost twice as much) but I'm afraid of RCA, lately they have been getting a bad reputation. But Samsung is not a well known brand to me, but they are supposed to be OK from what I'm told.


I haven't seen a JVC, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Toshiba, Sharp, Sanyo, GE, Daewoo, or other set worth buying.

The closest to the RCA/Scenium is a Hitachi Ultra Vision 57" DLP, but it is huge compared to the RCA.

The RCA is 7 inches deep and can be hung on the wall... it weighs 135 lbs. And has the latest Texas Insturments chip for DLP in it.


What is the latest word on state of the art TV for football season next year? I can't afford to go to the CES show in Vegas and want the scoop!

What does everyone have at the house?

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I just picked up a Mitsubishi 52" DLP a few weeks before X-Mas.....It’s got to be the clearest picture and most resolution TV I've ever owned. :thumbs:




One reason I went with the Mitsubishi 52" DLP is that if you look at the other DLP on an angle, you can’t see the picture!


There was a 50'' Samsung that was on a pedestal that had a better picture, but I didn’t like the pedestal thing.



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I did checkout the Samsung pedestal mount in both 50 and 56 inch sizes... Killer picture! but I don't want it on a pedestal either. I haven't looked at the Mitsu DLP yet, but I'll check it out.


Was the Mitsu pricey?? It is a cool looking TV but I prefer all black. ( like my SS!)

Thanks... :cool:

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Can't go wrong with Samsung. If they make it, it's top notch quality, guaranteed - computer monitors, computer memory, printers, hard drives, telephones....they even make washing machines. I would not hesitate to buy anything Samsung.


My $.02.

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I prefer these to a plasma for personal reasons (plasmas don't last as long and cost twice as much)



I will have to disagree. Most plasma's have a "half life" of 15 years. Plasmas far outperform LCD's and such. I own the Sony PFM-42B2U Plasma Television and love it. Mounted it over the fireplace and custom stoned around it all the way to the roof (2 floors).


All the info you need is locatred here -------> Plasma TV in a nutshell

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A plasma set has a useful life of 20,000 hours. The screen is what fails. They run much hotter than any other set, consume more electricity than the others, and until the latest technology, they are prone to image burn in. Most pros still agree that a quality CRT is still the best as far as picture quality... but I much prefer the DLP or Plasma pic simply because of the larger size. All of the newer technology is completely dependent upon a good sourch. HD signal, Digital Cable, or Sat signal. Off air signals don't look good on even the best sets.


My personal idea of a good picture is 57" or larger, viewed from around 10~15 feet away with proper lighting. The input signal is what it's all about no matter what gear you've got!

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I cant elaborate right now (busy at work) but the RCA profile series is FAR superior to the samsung. If you're gonna spend that kind of money you might want to also look at the OPTOMA... not a brand most people know about but they have the highest rating for their 65" in the Robb Report and other consumer reporting mags. Fit and finish on them is almost automotive quality. Even the back of their DLP's look perfect.


I have just a little background in this area ;) **references and qualifications available upon request. :jester:


Check out the Optoma DLP here: OPTOMA TV

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