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climate control swap


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I have loked and i think it prett hard because of the auto sensor that you would have to add, i would like to do this as well just probably not worth the $$$, I know there is a place in the SF bay area that speacializes in adding gm accessories to cars(Ex, nav systems ,sun roofs)

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I don't think anyone has done it, yet. If it is just a unplug old one, plug in new one kind of thing, minus the sensor, I think it would be fairly easy. However, if the wiring harness is different and you need a different one, then it approaches "too difficult", IMO.

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If you go to alldatadiy.com you can find all your electrical specs and diagrams . you need to get the interior left and right temp sensors , find a automatic control,"i found one on ebay and bought it for 5$" i was lucky, started bidding on one went up to 126$ . anyway im in process of doing now . i have the unit in temp controls work vent locations switch fine and i have my manual speed control for now to set speeds. i cut it out of manual unit . if you have any questions email me @ [email protected]

also the sensors arent that much if i remember correctly.

you know what ill get the info and prices and post soon

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