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cab leak


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I just dropped my '04 SS off at the dealer, for the third time in 2 months. :banghead: I have developed a leak that allows water to leak into the cab behind the dash and along the "A" pillar. It soaks the carpet and has now been seen in the fuse block on the driver's side. The windshield, dash, seals, roofmount antenas, and firewall have all been checked. The dealer and GM customer service have never heard of this. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas? There are no mods to this truck and it is only 9 months old. Thanks for any help.

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I also am having troubles with leaking. Mine is happening somewhere in the extened cab area. It gathers right behind the driver seat and against the step molding. I have taken to the dealership to have it fixed but both times I have taken it in. The water tester guy has not shown up. So I will let this go on till spring and then take it in a demand brand new carpet and other free shit for the hassle..

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see, now i know i'm not crazy, i have 2004 z71 tahoe, and i have a water leak, its on the driver side not the passenger side, i havent brought mine in yet,


but i think mine might b coming form the bottom of the door or the door bracket. it didnt get wet the last few times it got washed, so its not coming from up top. i noticed it when it rained, so i will check on it next time it rains, it supposed to rain this weekend.


let us know what they find out 522jake

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