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Raced a L


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I am cruisin around and look over to a parking lot and there are a bunch of trucks there, so I decided to join the little swaray. There is a white lightining there and as soon as i pull up he asks wanna race. He has a freind in his car and so do I. I say what cha got in there. He says stock. And i said what the heck, ok, follow me. We went out of the parking lot and I was picknig somthing up in the detactor so we had to go to a light far from the lot. I do the three honks at the light because it wouldn't turn red. On the third honk we both gun it. I get about a car length ahead of him right after the intersection and it stays that way until 80 when he blew by me. Damn it was fun. We then came back to the lot and chatted. It was fun. :flag:

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All I have is duel flowmasters and air raid intake. and some turbonator which probably didnt affectit at all and if it matters a throttlebody spacer. I didn't think I would hold him off for that long. please don't BS me because he was stock, and I do have the AWD.

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I also raced my buddies 2002 lighting with my 04 SS.I also took him out at the begining, but then out of no where i hear his super charger and zzzooooommmm, he passes me by quickly....maaaan i was pissed off...I gave him props and told him he had a nice 2seater car...lightnings weigh less than some sportscars out there....

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