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I just took four shots of Ciroc Vodka at once from a glass. :puke:


I wouldn't recommend this. It seems easy and looks it, but it is not.


I did this because I believe UM will beat UF by 4 points or 4 touchdowns in the Peach Bowl. :pop:


Anyway, if you want to try taking that many shots at once, be prepared to make wierd faces in front of all the people who see you. You might drool a bit too.


By the way, Sorry for this useless post.

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UM will come back and block theirs, as well as a few interceptions, fumble recoveries, and points on the board. :devil:


The Gators can suck my :crazy: !!!! :D


I go to school at UM, so I have to rep the Canes to the fullest.(I don't have my body painted green and orange now by the way. It could happen with some more alcohol though. :jester: )

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