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French fried SUV's


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Hello! This is my first post here, but I've been dropping in recently and enjoying reading the messages. Great site and great group it seems to me. I just picked up the new Car and Driver to read the SS article. While reading through the rest of the mag I happened to read John Phillips editorial on page 24. What a load of Liberal leftist elitest snobbery. Here is a guy that writes for a supposed enthusiast mag ripping a whole class of vehicles for not being P.C. enough. Then I remembered that C&D is French owned. GO FIGURE! SUV's bad, Saddam good. Oh well, guess I wasted that $4. Don't tread on me & don't tread on my treads. Here's too driving the biggest baddest Trucks & SUV's we wanna! Renaults.....PHOOEY

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