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who has the new Magnaflow catback????/


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The Magnaflow exhaust is not all that loud, but has a real nice sound to it. Kinda lets people know you have a healthy engine without attracting the attention of the police :D It wold be perfect for me if they could get rid of the drone.


As far as performance goes, it falls into the subjective range. It is probably making a bit more power, but the subconscious "it makes more noise, it must be making more power" or "I just spend a wad of cash, so it must be faster" often deceives :D


WAV recording of MagnaFlow.

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That '.wav' sounds just like my setup...two Magnaflow 2.5" in/out (p/n 12256) in place of the stock muffler, then a "Y" back to the stock tailpipe...but mine has less of that "corvette" or "true duals" sound b/c I added an H-pipe.


And I have the same drone at cruising speeds (55-65 or so)...and under accel around town, from 1500-1800 or so.


Anything above 2000rpm it's just nice a mellow. I just cruise at +70mph all the time!


But I would prefer to cancel out some of the drone...


- Brian

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I have the same problem with drone at cruise. I'm really not sure whose system it is that I have on the truck. (I bought it used)

Some friends of mine say it is Flowmaster, but that sound clip is very close to the sound I have on my system. Only difference is I have two pipes out the rear.

Great sound, but on long trips it beats on you.

I'd really like to go back to stock, or maybe a Corsa system like on my Corvette.

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It seems all aftermarket exhausts have the drone to some degree. Magnaflow has the resonators to reduce it some, but it is still there. I am wondering if a dual stock setup would be best. Same sound characteristics, but more flow :D


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