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Anybody find the Mag yet


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A barns & noble out here in Vegas said they carry it and they had only one copy left . I looked for it but couldnt find it. :dunno: The Wilkes Barre store in Pa. said they dont even carry it. :nono: A news stand In Wlikes Barre Pa. on public square said they carry it but didnt get the new ones in yet. :mad: I even checked the news stands in Pittsburg airport and they didnt have the mag. I will check the news stands in Las Vegas airport Wed morning(the 5th) to see if they have it . :shakehead:

Some guy from Autozone told me that not all stores carry this mag because of the naked ladies in them. :thumbs:


Big t I will let you know when i find it ........... :seeya:

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i found the mag today at 7-11 i thought it was a long shot because they did have it last week....your truck looks good in there ...i didnt see it in the contents ...but i found it after i flipped though it ...you and a blue SS with the lambo doors on it...and you even gave a shout out to the site...congrats on the mag :cheers:

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Its about time some body found it. See dylan I aint lyin :D .

The book is printed right here in Queens thats why I got it so quick I guess it will be coming out every where soon if Ldogss found it its a matter of time before it hits every where eles to.

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