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Linclon steps up


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Actually saw one about 2 weeks ago filling up at a local Marathon station - caught my eye as being a F#rd, but different grill.


This one basically looked like the same level of difference you see between the Expedition and Navigator - just a warmed over F-150 w/ a more upscale interior - that way they can "justify" a premium price, no doubt.

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:wtf: how did you see one at a gas station 2 weeks ago? Its not available yet.


Whoa, dude, didn't mean to get your hackles up, but it's pretty simple - it had a manufacturer plate on it - I do live in the general Detroit area, so I see these pre-release vehicles and engineering mules from time to time.


Around here, engineers drive these vehicles home all the time. There are several in my neighborhood; one is a GM engineer who drives home a different test vehicle about every other week.


I didn't make this up . . .

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