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Price on a Gaylords Lid

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Hell yes, where are you located and can I get in on that deal or is a one time good thing only for you?



I am in Des Moines Iowa, as for a one time deal, not sure, he told me his price was 760 and he could do me for 799 tocover shipping. I am not looking serioulsy untill income tax time. I will let you know, I will call him in the morning and see if he can do 2 of them. as in "my dad wants one too"

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it's a regular price if it's with the x2000 hindges and you guy's would hate me for the deal I'm about to get!



Do tell more. please?

Well I work with a guy who is good friends with Gaylord's and I won't say anymore till I am able to get mine!

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