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High Flow Catz

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Depends on how much you want to spend. You can find aftermarket cats on ebay for anywhere from $70 (or close to) and up each. But, most of those will only flow 10-15% higher than your stock cats. Even the ones that come with some header kits.


If you don't mind spending a little extra, then look into Random Technology cats. The highest flowing cat made - period. Their 3" cats will flow over 500cfm. The down side is they are $200+ each.


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"this thing has great power gains but only after 1500 miles the heatshields broke loose and it rattles like a mother trucker. for the price paid it shouldnt be doing this, it ridiculous."


"I have had to replace the Cat twice on my Civic and once on my Maxima in the last 2 years. Eventually the heatshields get loose and rattle and they have to be removed. The reason I replaced them was because of a horrible rattle from inside of the cats. The particulate gets loose and rattles around. I got sick of replacing my cat on the civic and went back to stock. I don't feel like replacing it again in 6 mos to a year."


"Ever since I installed the R/T Cats I've had nothing problems. My check engine light has popped on 3 times with less than 100 miles since install. First code indicated a bad 02 sensor. Next, a hot sensor, and I haven't even taken it in to see about the third one yet!? I can't even drive the car around the block with it coming on. With no fix recommended, it looks like I wasted my time and money with this product. Corvette drivers--BEWARE!!!"


seems like everyone that has bought one has had nothing but problems..

http://www.carreview.com/Exhaust/Catalytic...rx.aspx#reviews ~~to read more reviews

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Howdy, :seeya:


      Just wondering if my fellow members (YOU) could help me on a good location to order some decent high flow cats... Perferable with 0 2 sensors..


Thanks for the Help,




Check out this Ebay link to Performance Peddler. I have bought from them and had very good service. Their prices on the high flaw Magnaflow cats are unbelievable!




Butch 02 Sierra Denali

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I have had issues with aftermarket cats before, although not Random Techs. The inside elements do seem to bust loose after a while and you have giant baby rattles under your car.


For that reason I don't think I will be changing the cats on my SSS. I have seen tests, by the way, that showed that GM truck cats flow pretty well, even compared to some of the "high-flow" replacements available.


You might be better off going with an interchangeable "off-road" pipe setup. You could just put your cats back on for emissions testing when you need to. :devil:

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Well, right you are.


And of course, that makes sense, an exhaust company called Car Sound. :dunno::wtf:


Magnaflow makes them for a good price.  Actually, the company is a subsidiary of Magnaflow.  I think they are about $50 each for the ones for my Avalanche.


The Company is Carsound, and it's actually the other way around, Magnaflow is a subsidiary of Carsound :flag:

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i saw some cats a while back that had nothing in the center... so there would be nothing to break loose... they are just straight though with some resenator holes...


does anybody else use after market cats... and does it truly make a difference???


Has anybody put an x-pipe on our trucks (what company and how is it)???


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