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2 Day Thermostat Install

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After I installed my Corvette servo, I decide to do my thermostat. Long story short...


While I was putting it back on a bolt snapped :banghead: and it hadn't reached 7lbs like it says to torque it to. I tried to get it out for about three hours(Thanks Zippy for some advice). It didn't work so I had to take it to a machine shop and they did it. This happened last night and I am supposed to get my truck back tomorrow morning.

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Im guessing you should had tighten untill it feels right vs. doing it by the torq. specs then. :crazy: Sorry to hear about the trouble, but atleast its getting fixed, my buddy snapped a bolt on his camaro's head while pulling off the manifolds, 2 grand later the thing still doesnt run right.

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