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header and exhaust question

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Hey guys i am new to the board and had a few questions...I have a 2004 silverado SS I want to go fast so i have a lot of plans for it...all i have done right now is a volant intake with the scoop and a granatelli mass air flow sensor..I am now looking at exhaust and i want the best long tube headers for this truck....i am planning on running long tubes with no cats and a corsa.....think it will sound good? i am looking for a lot of speed so the more i do the better the long tubes are gonna help thats why i am going with them...so if you could give me a web site for the long tubes for this truck i would appreciate it...also do you have a place where you can get the corsa for cheaper? and what is the difference between the corsa sport and the other model?? thanks guys

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I have heard that there is no performance difference between the Corsa Sport and the Corsa Touring, just the sound of them is different. If you haven't been there yet, check out Corsa's website - they have a sound clip of the Sport on a 6.0 truck.


TByrne is having a sale on Corsa right now, there is a recent post about it.


And by the way, welcome to the site! :chevy:

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