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I made this 6 months ago and just now got pics up. That is far from anything that they sell on EBAY, I was pretty pissed when I saw that crap on EBAY. I made this one from masionite (not sure on spelling) and bodyfiller. Just like the one 6.0SS made for his, I used the same screen too, 7" screen by Alpine. Thanks it came out really good and Im pretty happy with it. I was thinking of making a few more and maybe sell them to SS guys only. Not trying to polish my own knob, but the one thats on EBAY looks pretty gay, not very flush.

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Nice Job, looks familiar!!!! LOL,


I just got done making one for Jim7 and it turned out great but the pictures he sent me once he put it in are bad, still trying to get a good one from him, but here is what he sent me!! Can some one brighten this up for me on a photo editor??



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