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Since there are a few people from here going to this meet (CLICK HERE for meet info), I thought it would be a cool idea if we all meet up somewhere and caravan up to Woodland Hills. Lets get some input from everybody. Maybe a central meeting spot for everyone??? I'm in Carson along the 405 and about 41 minutes from the spot according to Mapquest. I'm willing to travel anywhere to meet up so long as everyone else does.


Let's grd.gif







Naked AV



Input, suggestions?????


Late- Alex

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i will show up with all these SS coming. I almost feel like my SS isnt worthy with all of the tricked out ones.


I wouldn't worry about it. All my mods so far have been performance and I've got a busted mirror... I should look like the ghetto truck out there. :banghead:

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So it looks like we need to get 2 meeting spots together:


1) all the inland empire guys

2) all the L.A. county guys


Best I can figure is the I.E. guys will cruise together and meet up somwhere w/ the L.A. guys and go from there.


Alex, since you know the area around you best just let me know where to meet up w/ you and I'll get it organized from this end.


For the rest of you... most of you are riverside county area right? Whats the best place for all of you to meet up? Jon and I will be coming from Rancho Cucamonga so you guys could swing thru here since its on the way :dunno:


How does somewhere in the Ontario Mills parking lot sound to you guys? Should be fairly empty on a weekend AM there and we can get organized and hit either the 10 or 210 freeway from there.

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Us L.A. county guys will meet up somewhere over here, but I still need to know what freeway you will be taking up to the spot because I doubt you will be catching the 405 (405 and 710) by my house right? I think Eric is the only other SS'er on our end right?


Late- Alex

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OK Guys... just wanted to revive the thread since this meet is 2 weeks from tomorow.


Since we are supposed to be at the meet by 10am we'll need to be leaving Ontario by 9am, plus we'll be making a stop along the way to pickup Alex & Mando (Eric in his mustang :dunno: ). I have already arranged to have my brother ride shotgun and get some video for us too. :thumbs:


Ontario Mills to So Cal Truck Meet


Looks like a pretty straight shot for us so it should be some good cruising! :driving::cool:


I'm suggesting we all meet up at Krispy Kreme outside of the Ontario Mills mall.


4485 Mills Circle

Ontario, CA 91764


Its easy to find and since its early anyone who wants to grab a doughnut before we hit the road can.


I'll leave the second meeting spot up to Alex :thumbs:


Depending on how long the coffee shop thing goes I also wanted to have a plan for afterwards... you guys let me know what your up for and we'll get it all set up.


Looking forward to seeing all of you guys... this should be a good day :ughdance:

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