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Silver Z06 pictures (from L.A. Auto Show)


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i was there sunday and didnt see it i am going to have to go back that just pisses me right off did they just unvail it because when i came back i saw all the post reguarding the release of the info

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Per C&D Magazine, the new ZO6 is one bad boy!








With all of the very serious harware, frame and body upgrades, I hope that they have not priced it above my reach.


Rick R

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To view the pictures without all the fancy crap (i.e. right click disabled) go the the link below and just change the end of the url number by one ... ie --> 51 ... 52 ... 53...





But what you do with the link is up to you :crackup:

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I will have that one day :sigh:


I have to stop spending all my money on the SS. :D


Yeah... good luck with that... I've decided to stop modding the SS and sell it about a dozen times.....


Then I installed headers last weekend, ordered a roll pan, scheduled my window tint, ordered some of my audio stuff, and started looking seriously into FI systems. :banghead:

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