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MB Quart Speakers for sale


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I have a few sets of MB Quart speakers for sale, they are in GREAT shape and have been barely used. I am not usre of retail on these though. I have a set of 5.25" components for sale these are the reference line with the better crossovers, I will take 150$ shipped for these.

I also have a set of 6.5",5.25" and tweeter components, these are the Premium components and will present a 2 ohm load on your amp to get the most power out of it. They have the WPC treatment which deposits titanium onto the cone for better bass responce and strength. These too are in GREAT shape. I will take 300 for the 3 way set shipped to you.

I Know this is not the place to sell dodge things but I also have a set of Q-forms kick panels for the Durango/Dakota that I will get rid of cheep.


If you are interested please let me know and we can set on a price. You might ask why I am getting rid of these? I have been picked up by MTX for a sponsorship on the SS and I dont want to run something they dont make. I take paypal or cashiers check/money order. these can be veiwed at www.mbquart.com



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MTX RULES !!!! :cheers:  :thumbs:



Have you seen their new stuff? WOW is all I have to say, the new components are goona be sweet, and the new amps are Huge in power output! Big year for them in 05, I am glad I will be a part of it!


Any takers on the speakers?

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