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Lowering Kit


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I am looking to lower my SS but i am unsure of what brand and method to use. From looking at some of the past discussions it seems that no matter what i do my ride is gonna suffer and i was just wondering which kits have brought the best results for those who have lowered.

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I don't know where you read that any way you go, your ride will suffer. I have the McGaughy's deluxe kit which includes the spindles, shackles, hangers, and all the hardware. IMHO it rides just like stock if not better. I had to turn down the torsion bars a little to get it to sit even, but that made it ride better. As far as I know, there are only two different ways to go with our trucks. The McGaughy's kit or a kit which consists of just shackles and hangers and in the front, you need to turn the torsion bars. I've read a few posts where some people didn't like the second method I mentioned.


I would highly recommend the deluxe McGaughy's kit if your looking to keep the stock ride quality. I believe the kit was about $420.00 to my door. :thumbs:


Late- Alex

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i definately recommend mcgaugty's drop i didnt even know my truck had one. the only thing i notice is mine isnt as low as some of the others on here but it is fine with me ( the previous owner didnt install one of the pieces) but ground force makes a kit also that involves torsion keys and hangers/shackles i do beleive if you want to keep virtually the same ride quality to go with a spindle drop. I hear beltech is coming out with a new spindle drop soon but that is just what i hear i have not seen any thing from beltech yet.

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I know some people don't like it, but I went with the Bell Tech shackles and lowered the front with torsion bar bolts. It lowered it 1 3/4 in the rear and then I went down about 3/4 in the front. I now sits just a little bit lower in the front, just the way I wanted it. I am very happy with results. It rides the same and seems to handle better. I had the front end aligned after I was done. Just my 2 cents. :D

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