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hard tonneau cover or not


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Actually these trucks were tested and designed with the tailgate up for best results. A lot of people say put the tailgate down before a long trip to get better gas mileage, etc. Have done this and noticed nothing better about it except the truck shaking side to side worse when the wind blew, gas mileage still sucked like usual. The added wight of the cover will hurt you some if you are trying to get high numbers out of your truck, but for normal driving i can see it effecting anything really, but i may be wrong

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Don't waste your money on a :banghead: soft tonneau cover, hard to re close when cold and no security in box.


Roll top is no better in clod weather as it freezes and snow falls in box when your unroll it.


Best would be the hard cover, but many SS'ers have complanied about many problems with the coolest one the Gaylords :cool: with the integrated spoiler


Good Luck

Dr Mike

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