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Got a Hemi question


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A friend of mine with a 4 door 4wd hemi ram want's to race me really bad. REALLY BAD.


He says his truck runs 14.6's all day long at the track and the only mods he has is a muffler and his buddy at dodge hooked him up with some "raw" program for his trans. Something about the programming for the converter and what not.


My question is is he full of it or is this possible on a quad cab, 4wd hemi.



George :chevy:

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I call BS, Some of my friends have hemis, and the fastest that i've seen is a reg cab 2wd, with 16 inch rims, no spare, CAI, full exhaust including headers, and a tune and the best he ran was a 14.7 according to the computer times, we raced and he can pull about a truck on me max. Another friends got a hemi sport, looks good but about a second off a stock reg cab hemi due to the extra weight. So I say you should race him.

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I can't see a 14.6 "with a muffler" from a stock Hemi Dodge Quad Cab? To be fair, I don't know much about them.

I know my buddy at work has a Quad Cab Hemi Ram, 3/4 ton long box work truck, and it can do massive burnouts compared to a buddy's short box 1/2 ton Hemi Ram. Not sure why, they think it's in the computer. I think the 3/4 ton longbox would kick the reg cab shorty's butt though. That's a "seat of the pants" guess, not a result of them racing.

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I haven't posted here sense I traded in my Silverado for a Ram (both trucks in sig) but I will tell you this, his 4x4 QC Hem Ram is NOT running 14.6 with just a muffler and intake. My QC is a 2wd and my best is 15.24 (mods in my sig), my truck weighs 5240 lbs and a 4x4 is alot heavier. Although I haven't raced an SSS, you should beat him easily. Intake and exhaust mods really don't do much for the Hemi Ram trucks.


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i would definatly call BS. my dad has a 4 door 4wd hemi, and that thing will definatly not get even close to the 14's in the quarter mile, and he has CAI, funcional ram air hood, and custom exhaust. i ran its 0-60 time on a gtech, and it was in the low 9 seconds. your ss even stock should not have a problem.


:banghead: whoops i already posted in this thread

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