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3 Wheel drive

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:mad: Well in to shop again she goes...


We had weird weather here in my neck of the woods, snow, freezing rain, rain followed by sub zero, more snow and so on.


Got stuck in one of my buddies back yard trying to :dupe: show virtue of AWD of the SS.


Only thing I got to show him were 3 wheels actually working and the fourth that would have got me out of the mess and left front was not moving and no sign of life at all.


Out of pocket $40.00 for tow truck to winch me out and have to leave it at dealer for a few days...


Anyone else have this problem??


Dr Mike

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uh you are only going to have 3 wheels spinning, one in the front and both rear. even 4wds dont have all 4 spinning. most only spin one in the front and one in the rear. you have to have a locker in both front and rear to get all 4 spinning

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