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What the hell is up with my boost

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I know I can't believe everything I hear but I finally got my gauges installed. I thought for a second and used the search :D . Anyway, it says to expect about 4 more pounds of boost with my new pulley and stock is supposed to be 6. My gauge reads about 8 1/2. WTF :banghead:


Is this because of slippage? :confused:


If I do the math 6+4=10, not 8.5 :devil:

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Every motor will act slightly different based on the mods you have. I was able to get 10+lbs of boost with a 2.75" pulley prior to my head install, but know of others that are getting pretty much the same as you with the pulley I had.


Also, the thing about dial type gauges is, you have to worry slightly about parallex error. If you are not looking straight into the face of the gauge, you may be getting slight error. I personally, don't like needle gauges. If you look at the mechanisms inside that make the needles move, seems a little primitive to me. I have a Dakota Digital gauge, so it's pretty easy to say I got 10.4lbs of boost. All of this is not counting the possible need for calibration.

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Sorry to hi-jack the thread but  it is possible to get 10+ psi from the magna charger??? I am assuming that yu should not have it run 10+ psi for daily use though?

yes, but good luck. No, I wouldn't want to everyday. Blower rpms will have to be somewhere around 17-17.5K rpms (ballpark). Not very good to do often.

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