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New M6


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WHA!?! I do not like the interior, but I love the HP! :)



Zippy- That is why I did not go to the auto show in DC! I would have drooled on all the cars and then my friends would probably have a hard time dragging me out the door :)

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Owned a few BMW's... :banghead:


I'll take the new Z06.... :D


i like bmw but the new 5 series, the front looks like crap...like a new galant and a cobalt had a bastard child


ill take a corvette thank you



:crackup::crackup::crackup: My boss just bought a new 5 series and my friend has the M5 on order. Z06 sits well w/ me too!!! And dont get me started on the cobalt :)

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i would have drooled over the Z06 if i could have gotten remotely close enough. not enough patience for that, i'd have had to kill someone first. the cobalt on the other hand, i spent some time looking that over pretty well. can't wait to mod one of them.

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