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Headlight Question


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I do not know much about headlights, yet. Here's a coule of questions:


1. What is the difference in the lights you see at night? Some appear to be blue, and other typical lights have almost a yellow color to them.


2. What light can a person put in the SS to get the blue color to the lights?


3. I've seen a lot of people use the diamond back headlights. Does this produce the clearer more blue color?



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Xenon (HID) vs Halogens. The lights you see in most vehicles are yellow and run halogen headlights. The nice bright blueish white lights you see are HIDs or Xenons. You can put an HID setup into any vehicle to get those kind of lights but it is not cheap and its not just about changing the bulb, it require changing housing and fuses. If you are more ambitious you can do this whole HID sway, I know Tbyrne has them for sale for our trucks, or you can buy them off ebay. I did not want to spend that much money on the HID. You can get look alikes such as sylvannia Silverstars which are quite white and lots of people have them, or eurolites or lots of other companies, that produce headlights bulbs that burn brighter than halogen and look whitish blue, due to the tinting of the lightbulb. They look quite good for only a few bucks.

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