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Chroming Billet aluminum wheels

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I haven't polished my rims since I got them before Christmas. I figured when I get my truck detailed every three months, I would either polish them myself or pay someone else to do it for me. Well, the weather here lately has been sh*tty to say the least and my rims have taken a beating. From a distance you can't even notice anything, but up close there are some tell taled signs that I'm in need of a polishing job. I got a couple question for people in the know...........


1. Is it possible to chrome billet aluminum wheels.


2. These wheels are a two piece design where the face of the wheel is a chunk of billet and is welded to the surrounding ring so there is a butthair gap between the billet and the ring, not really a gap, but you can see that it's two pieces. If I chrome them, will I run into any problems like chipping because of that gap or will the chroming process fill it up?


I'm also considering powdercoating the centers black and leaving the polished lip. Can someone photochop this pic for me?






Late- Alex

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if you decide to chrome them look me up. i send all of my stuff to classic components out in california. they have done anything from a complete motorcycle to a bunch of automotive goodies. i can have a set of 20's done for $650 if you are interested. they put a 2 year warranty on their chroming also. pm me if you are interested....

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