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2005 Black Silverado SS

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Thinking of selling my Black 2005 Silverado SS. Not sure what the going rate is for a truck like this. 
Mileage is 82,000. 
2 owner Truck. 
New powerstop brakes, and brand new Goodyear tires. 
Truck is lowered 2” all around. 
Has roll pan and hidden hitch. 
Also has new (6 month old) Corsa Exhaust. 
Has some rust developing on the wheel wells on both sides of the bed. 
Wondering if anyone could give me an estimated selling price or if there is any interest in purchasing. 
Kelly Blue book estimates around 13,000 - 15,000. 
Feel free to ask questions. 



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Post some photos of the rust. 


IS it 2" lower than stock? seems stock height but hard to tell. It looks clean and at that mileage i don't think you'd have trouble for selling it at those prices. 

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Yes. It is 2” lower than stock. You’re right though, it is tough to tell that it was lowered at all.   
I will post some additional pictures of the rust on the bed later this week. 
I won’t be near my truck until Thursday of this week. 
Thanks for your input. 

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Here are a couple of photos taken today of the rust on the bed wheel wells as requested. I know I can get replacement parts and have it repaired, just haven’t got around to doing it yet. 
If anyone is interested in purchasing my truck, let me know. I’m ready to move on to something else. More pictures can be provided of anything specific you would like to see. IMG_8218.jpeg.cd876ba15d717ed6ab2d4d44055b6d89.jpegIMG_8217.jpeg.c633750aa9bec3c04138f6489103fd0a.jpeg

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