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Silverado "Southern Comfort"


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A friend told me about a Silverado he saw at a dealership while looking for an SS for me. It is a Silverado Southern Comfort edition. It was called the "Vindicator." Really, really sharp truck. It has flared rear wheel hubs, looked like a little shorter bed then the SS, burlwood(?) dash, tan leather seats, and this paint that went from bright red to a dark cherry red. Really one of a kind truck. The window sticker said $38 and change. Then I noticed the other window sticker; $50,000 with conversion add ons. :eek: Anyway, it was pretty funny because my friend told one of the sales guys that I was looking for the SS and that he'd have me come up and look at this Southern Comfort edition. Today (three days later), I go up there and I park my truck, get out and there's this guy opening the door and waving me over. He called me by my first name and took my by the shoulder and led me in right up to the truck. He introduces me to the other sales reps and the manager. It was like I was the customer of the week or some kind of movie star. They even gave me a crystal bowl as a gift. I was cracking up laughing. Obviously thought I was going to buy this $50,000 truck. The guy even had the nerve to say "So will you be taking delivery today?" I said "Nah, I'll come back during the week after the snowstorm and we'll talk." I love messing with them.

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i work for chevy and never heard of souther comfort is that just an aftermarket conversion

Yes, I believe so. I guess they had a white one too but it sold. It was a 2004 but brand new; not a used vehicle. The dealer just put all these extra fancy things on it. I was just on their website to see if they had a picture of it but I couldn't find one.

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