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Cant wait until its over. Already tired of the Blah  blah blah... Eagles will choke as usual!!


Then...on to Daytona!!!!!!


They wont choke, they are just going to get beat by a far better team!Big difference playing two home games against the vikes and falcons vs playing the colts then going on the road to pitt!


GO PATS!!!!!

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I hated to see the Falcons get beat, but it just proves that the Eagles are the more experienced team. The Falcons will grow up along with Vick. Look out over the next few years!!!!!


GO PATRIOTS now!!!!!!!!


Sorry but they just deserve it they are unstoppable it seems!!!! :cheers:

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Eagles defense have gotten seriously better this season, I think its their year although playing a very experienced team. Everything seems to be going there direction. I'm pulling for the Eagles. GO EAGLES


After the steeler game yesterday i have never heard so many excuses to why they lost, it was getting rediculous. I guess Pitt fans just couldn;t except they got beat fair n square. Good game tho

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Yes.... It is time for another victory for all of us in New England.


The New England Patriots are going to Kick some Arse!!!!!!


..... Can't wait to find out, but I will be flying home from Florida on that day.... and will have to miss the entire game.


Go Pats!!!!!! :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

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