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Attn: Red SS in San Antonio, Texas


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We had at least 5 runs on 281 North Bound. I think he was surprised at how well a stock Titan CC, was pulling away from him each time we ran. It was a close race, but each time I was slowly pulling away. I would say from 50-80 1/2 a truck or so.


I didn't even plan to run, but the guy in the SS was wanting to run me, he kept egging me on.. I love the way the SS looks!!


Btw, the Titan runs 14.8-15.2s stock as well.

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Not to start an argument, but I've read from many sources that the titan king cab was fasted at 15.93. and fastest 0-60 ranged from sources 6.9-7.35 for the king cab.  The Crew has been even slower.  Do you have mods on your truck?



LOL actually the King cabs are running the 14.8s. The CC's are the ones that run 15.2~. At least thats what people are running on the forums.


No mods yet, but I have the equivlant of 4.10s in the rear with my drivetrain so that might help.

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