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Some problems in the past few weeks


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I was going to get on here and do a little rant, but after hearing about what happened to Jeff, little things don't sound so important right now.


With that aside, I do want to share with everyone some of the problems that I have encounted with my SS in the past few weeks (in case anyone else has the same problem).


1. I live in Indiana, and when it is cold, it is COLD. Well, one day after work I started my truck up, and I heard this noise from under the dash. It sounded like a brush stroking against something (I heard that sound, and it would stop for about 5 seconds, and then do it over). I decided to take it out to the dealer then to have them look at it and get an appointment. The service manager hears it, and tells me to bring it in on the next day. I call at the end of that day to ask if the truck is ready, and he asks if they can keep it an extra day, they didn't hear it all day. I say yes, and I call them back the second day. He again tells me that they couldn't get the sound to replicate, and I told them I was just going to come and get it. Two days after that, it starts again. Once again, I go out to the dealership, and this time he has a mechanic go out and listen to it. They again tell me to bring it out and leave it, and at the end of that day I call and they want it another day....(this sounds like a repeat). Finally, and then end of the second day (the fourth overall day they have the truck), they get it to happen again....it ended up being a DEFROST ACTUATOR.


They tell me it will take 3 or 4 days to come in, so after it arrives, I drop the truck off a third time. At the end of that day, I call again, and get the whole speach about how it was taking longer than expected, and they need it another day....so I go out to see the truck this time. As I walk in the door, the service manager gets up from his chair and comes out to tell me that maybe it is best if I not look at the truck! Tellng me this is like setting an alarm off, so I go to the truck, and the ENTIRE dash is out of it. He proceeds to tell me that there is one screw that they can't get to, so they had to remove everything.....that is why then needed the second day (for those that are still reading this, it will be day 6 without the SS).


What a pain.....you never realize how much you miss driving this truck until you have to drive some loner peice of crap!


2. (there are more things that went wrong in this stretch of time than just that INCREDIBLY long story)

I had a license plate bulb go out, and after the 6 days without the truck from the last time I took it to the dealer, I decided to do this one myself. It is a pretty easy fix, as soon as you learn how to pull the bulb assembly out (just pull out on the side that faces the front of the truck, it is just a cheap little clip)


3. I found that a CREATURE had been under the hood, and it tore the hell out of everything it touched! It ate the insulation around the battery, took 2 chunks out of the hood insulation, at a piece of the firewall insulation, and unraveled the protective cover on one of the radiator hoses (by the air box)....Here are some pics:










It has not been my month..... :banghead:

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I told the service manager that my garage looked like a scene out of Caddy Shack....I had traps set everywhere, but over the past 3 weeks, I have not caught anything! I just told myself that after the winter weather/salt was off the roads I will get the parts ordered.

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My fire wall, just like your first picture is like all poke a dots from those little ******'s. I swear I was so damn mad. It all happened the first month I had the truck, but since then no problems again. I guess they have no desire to eat a used truck's insulation. :banghead:

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If the damn thing hadn't taken a big chunk out of the facing of the hood insulation, I would try to repair it.......


And I am with smithl3, I was sick when I saw it.


I found it because a buddy of mine saw me at work late, and stopped in to ask me a question. When he walked in, he asked me whos SS that was, and I told him that I had have had it for 8 months now...


So after drooling over the truck for 10 minutes, he finally asked if he could pop the hood.......and the rest is where my nightmare began!



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