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snow driving tipps


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I must rant for a while. I live where it snows a lot. I have snow tires for my SS and my wifes Mustang. The Mustang does great in the snow with the snow tires. It goes places my 2wd S-10 didn't go!


The Stock SS tires suck in the snow. You can go, but you can't stop. A good set of Bridgestone Winter Duelers and you can go and stop fast!


With the snow tires, the SS is in it's element! Talk about FUN!!


We both get very upset at the idiots that drive around at 25 MPH when there is a little snow, and slide all over the place. You can tell they don't have snow tires, and are scared to death to drive in the snow.


If you have enough money to own a car, and drive in the snow, get snow tires and be safe. If you don't want to buy snow tires, STAY HOME and let those of us with a little brain power be safe.


OK, I feel better

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Two winters now with the SS and never had a problem with the stock tires.


Yeah.... But there is something to say about a Northeast Winter..... My SS is great in the snow, until I need to turn, or stop pretty quick. Turning is the biggest problem. The Tires are so wide, and with all the slush and s#%@ on the roads, the tires just start to "hydroplane". BUT, I wouldn't trade the feeling of doing doughnuts in a parking lot of fresh snow, for nothing.


Happy Motoring......... :thumbs:

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