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FS patriot Stage 2 Lq9 heads


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They are 2.02/157 rev valves with double gold valve spring flowed about 296 and was special built from my SS. These heads are on the truck now and just set the new n/a track time at 13.46. They have about 3k miles on them. If you check their web site the prices are with their valves and spring not the rev valves and gold double spring. I am going bigger and will have my new heads in the next 2 weeks and have these ready to ship. They are $900 plus shipping. They are 72cc.

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I have a custom cut comp cam, I can include one of these for $400. I am running a stall, headers, volant, cam, and efans. I will cut a cam by what mods you have. If anyone buys this and wants it installed and tuned I can get gomer to do this if you are close to north alabama.

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If someone buys the heads from him and wants a cam, PM me with all your mods and we'll talk about your expectations and go from there. I'll post up the complete flow numbers for these heads a little later tonight. Compression ratio will be the stock 10:1.


[email protected]

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Im very interested in the heads.  Would a better flowing head give me more or less boost?  Or would it remain the same?

less boost , usually. but I think it could still equal more power.


I assume these are 317 castings, since the lq9 and lq4 heads are identical?

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Here are the flow numbers for the heads. 3.905 bore, radiused inlet, SF1200 bench, and a 1.75 pipe on the exhaust. They would flow slightly more on a 6.0's 4.0 inch bore.



.100__ 70 cfm__ 66 c fm

.200_ 138 cfm_ 122 cfm

.300_ 200 cfm_ 162 cfm

.400_ 241 cfm_ 203 cfm

.500_ 277 cfm_ 227 cfm

.550_ 289 cfm_ 229 cfm

.600_ 304 cfm_ 235 cfm

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