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Thermostat, he's right about the location. It will take longer for the vehicle to heat up in the winter, so unless you can survive off your seat heaters...hehe. The thermostat will really help in the summer, the engine temp will stay lower, lower temp means more power! May not be much but every little bit helps. I plan on doing one, as well as the TB bypass.

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Yea, if it's hot its good, but best to do a tune with it, so don't do it til you decide to get a tune.



A tune is not a "necessity" when going to a lower temp stat. Some will get updated tunes to allow for a hotter tune to go with a lower engine temp, but it is not something that has to be done.

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I have a 160 in my SS as well as my ZO6 and it works well in both vehicles, I have seen no negatives at all. The heater works well in both vehicles and they don't take any longer to get warmed up, the just don't heat up as much. This is good for the summer when my truck runs 180 or so pulling my boat and the Vette runs about 174 cruising down the interstate. It's about a half hour job to change it.

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