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ok so my SS has my car trailer hooked to it about 50% of the time and my question is if I lower it 2"-3" will I lose or ruin my towing capabilities? I have 23" wheels on it and there is a ugly :puke: gap that I would like to get rid of!


So you guys that are dropped, please comment and tell me what ya think...and what setup your runnin... thanks


P.S. - Anyone know how that drop kit "04SS" has for sale would be for towing??



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i have mine dropped with the mcgaughys kit. looks great. i have loaded the bed up a few times...usually do not have a problem...but if you are going to be towing a trailer 50% of the time i would suggest getting some load leveling air bags so that when you hook up you can level the truck out again...i think you would get a much better ride as well...


i have a firestone system myself...haven't installed it yet though. ill get the numbers and such and PM you the info...

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im lowered 2" and have towed a boat and a car on a trailer before. it can get a little bumpy. a firestone airbag kit for the rear is the way to go. i had this set up on my 96 silverado and it worked great. it was an ex-cab long bed dropped 4"-6".

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