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AVATARS have been enabled


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Alright guys, as you may notice, I have an avatar! yay! :crackup:



Anyhoo, I've been working all morning on getting things straitened out. Right now, you have ONE avatar to choose from. The SS logo. This is for regular members. To get this avatar, to 'My Controls"---> "Edit Avatar Settings"-->"Pre-installed Avatars". You will see the "upload avatar box, but you cannot use it.




Soon, we'll be creating a "Supporting Members" group. Rut roh, you say... is this something I'll have to pay for? Yes, but the feel will be nominal, and you WILL NOT LOSE ANYTHING by staying a "normal" member. We are only adding services for those who choose to make the donation and become "Supporting".


Supporting members will be able to:

1. Upload and use avatars of a 100X100 size.

2. Upload pictures and documents to any thread they start, or post they make.

3. Be allowed to edit topic titles after a post has been made, and delete topics and posts they make.

4. Have access to a monthly premium content service which we are still finalizing. (most likely include discounts to products, technical articles, etc..)


This is in the very early stages. I will post more info as I get it and make decisions.



(oh, and no, the price will not be very high at all. Just something to help keep us going! Afterall, my only job is to run these websites for all of you! :cheers: )


Edit: Also, moderators have Avatars as well. They do so much for the site, they will get Supporting Member Services for free. :cheers:

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cool , can we start the supporting member thing soon? i have an avatar i have wanted to use for a while now?



We'll be enabling it as soon as we can. We really would like to get all the other features in place so that you "get what you pay for" when we actually start. I'll update as we close in on being able to open this up. :cheers:

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Okay, I admit it, I'm not very computer savvy. I can see what an "avatar" is, but what's the big deal? Why do I want one? I'm serious--please excuse my stupidity. :banghead:


Mainly, its a way to express yourself. Just like signature pictures, it makes it easier for people to scroll through a topic and match up members with posts. It also will serve the purpose of letting people know who's supporting the website and who's not. :cheers:


You'll also get ALOT of other features being a Supporting Member than just an avatar. :cool:

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