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WTB: Chevy SS


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Are you looking to trade the yukon?  I am thinking of selling my O3 Arrival blue SS.  Do you have any pics of the yukon?  I was actually thinking of getting another yukon.  Also where are you located?




I am located in Texas close to Dallas.....I would like to trade the yukon....It is loaded, 22inch rims, lowered 3 inche in the back, billet grille, lots of chrome, wood grain, neon lights, euro lights, flowmaster exhaust, windows tinted, leather, heated seats, maroon, 2001 yukon, 55,000 miles. here are some pics



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I am selling my silverado ss... it will be more than 25,000 though. I have a 2004 black silverado ss lowered on 24 inch rims. also has a great alarm and remote start. the vehicle has less than 21,000n miles on it and i need to sell is asap so i can buy a diffeent vehicl before it too late. i am asking $28,000 for the ss... lowered and with the 20" rims it came with. they are chrome ... a $1200 option. let me know if you are interested. prices would be worked out later if you want it with the 24" gianelle 10flush rims and nitto tires. rims and tires have less than 300 miles on them since new. my email is [email protected] if you email make the subject SILVERADO SS. i live in MN. vehicle has always been in a heated garage and wash religously.

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