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Mallett 427 CTS-V


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I was at the Cadillac dealer this morning to get some vibration looked at (lost faith in my Chevy dealership). Anyway, the guy who was doing the diagnosis on my Avalanche asked me if I had seen the CTS-V that had pulled in. I said I had. Looked completely stock on the outside, but let's just say that when they fired it up, it was clear that the car was no longer a Cadillac. He told me the owner just got the car back from Mallett and it was putting in excess of 600 HP to the rear wheels. The owner had brought it in for some - *ahem* - vibration problems.


No doubt. :cheers:

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I just love these cars; I was torn between buying a CTS-V and the SS, but I needed a truck so here I am!  (no regrets)  But my next purchase could well be the Caddy...


Mr. P. :)


I just picked up a black 05 CTS-V with ebony interior a few weeks back. I love it, I can't believe so much HP can be so smooth! If you do decide to get get one, you will not be disappointed at all.

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