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Engine swap

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Have a question for you guys as luck wold have i came accross a complete drive train from an SS for a great deal. How hard is it to trans plant the complete drive train in a 67 C-10 pickup minus the all wheel drive i have the engine harness and dash cluster. Which tranny tail would i need to convert it to 2 wheel drive and which motor mounts should i use thanks Buy the way the truck was a roll over a total loss and all that was left was the drive train

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You might have some issues with the computer not being happy with the removal of the AWD. But that should be trivial to solve, if you can get all the rest of it to work. :D As far as transmissions go, the 465 transmission on the SS is just a beefed up 460.

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You should be fine transplanting it in that year model. I read in a magazine not too long ago about the LS1's and the truck oil pans actually fit the cross members pretty well.


I'd call either Street and Performance or Advanced Adapters. I know both of them offer motor mounts for the LS line of motors. I'd think you should be able to just modify the transmission crossmember for the trans. The PCM is just a matter of reprogramming which you would have to do anyway.


I'm not sure on what options are out there but I think you'll have to find a solution to hook up the speedo too.


Let's see some pics. Here's mine that I hope to get finished later this year. We'll see though...






Good luck. If you have any more questions feel free to email me. :thumbs:

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