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Went to PA today to meet Bryan from PCM4LESS, we got the whole hp,and torque problem figured out. I was making only 314 hp and 420 torque. Found out that the belt was slipping, and had to add some timing. Got the truck up to

407hp and 458 ft torque. Much better now, I was ready to give the Radix away if I couldn't make more then 314hp. Bryan was a great guy, would do buisness with him anytime.





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please explain to me how you get all the power to the rear wheels? i tried pulling the front driveshaft and just wanted to do a donut or two and the first time i stepped on it the truck made this loud whining sound and the rear tires did everything but spin. do you have to electronicaly lock the central diff?

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OK, belt slip. What was the fix? New smaller belt? I think I ended up with a 110.5" with my radix and 3" pulley.


Have you checked the mounting bolts for the manifold? A guy on the ls1tech site said his weren't tight and he was losing boost.


407 is so much better than the old 314. Glad that its all working out for you. If you have a hard dopy of the sheet, fax it to me like you did the last one. I'll post the picture up in this thread if you want.

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