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2007 Ford Shelby GR1

Crazy Al

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This was posted on another forum that I go to. It's pretty sweet. Hopefully this is a first sighting for you guys. Below is a quoted from the guy that sent the pics.


Buddy of mine snapped these while at work @ for UNITED - LAX.. a few weeks ago..


Email he wrote to me:


While on break.. go figure my luck!!!!


Ford spent $5 million developing this car, and another $2 million just

building this particular one. This is the first and only one of this type

in existance, and was completed yesterday afternoon in California. In

January of 2004 it was sketched out on paper. In February a full size

mockup was molded in clay. Now, a year later, the real thing is on it's way

to the Detroit Auto Show. This car wasn't a mockup or a shell. The

sculptor, designer and escort for the car is hoping it will take best of

show this year.


This is the 2007 Ford Shelby GR1 concept car. If Ford decides to put it

into production, potential buyers can expect to pay around $200,000 for it.

The entire exterior of the car is polished aluminum, and it has liquid

cooled LED headlights. It was amazing seeing this car up close and talking

to the project leader for the studio that built it.


If only my camera could capture the sound of that V-10....










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My understanding is they had such bad reviews towards the cobra concept last year they scrapped it and build this one. I think they used a good portion of the chassis and engine etc from the cobra.


This one is supposed to replace the GT in 2007 I think. Some kind of new goverment safety regulations that the GT wont pass after 07.

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