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Attn: Nor Cal ss owners

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I was wondering if all of the SS members from the Northern California area would be interested in a get together out at Sac. Raceway :dunno: They have started up there wednesday night bracket races again and I was thinking that maybe some of the members want to race their trucks. If a wednesday would not work, I was thinking maybe on a test and tune day (I think they are on Saturdays?) Either one would work for me. Would anybody else be a interested? :cheers:


P.S. my truck goes in on monday to have them look at a problem with the motor, :shakehead: if they change the motor out, then I wouldn't be able to go until the following week. I will just have to see.

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I was thinking there were more :dunno: Maybe some haven't seen this post yet. I know that I have told a few SS owners that I have seen around town about the site. Maybe they are not in to this kind of thing. I know that "dumpedv8" would be willing to come I talked to him earlier tonight, but he has been sick. He is the one with the 97 silverado ex. cab shrt. bed 2wd that he did a 6 lug conversion on and put the SS wheels on it. His truck picks are on the site.

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Also, there is a girl I have been seing every saturady night around the same time while driving. Maybe I can talk her into bringing out her truck. She is always out with a couple other girls in her truck. I also know of another guy that I went to school with that might be able to bring out his truck. :chevy: Also, I think Hayn SS is from around here :dunno:

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so what date is everyone wanting to try and meet up on?


It seems like some want a wednesday, a some want a saturday. I will go to either one, it makes no difference to me. I will talk to the track owner and maybe we can rent the track for a day along with some guys over at LS1 tech, that way we can make more runs, and not have to deal with all of the cars with folgers coffee cans hanging out the back? Would anybody be interested in going in and renting the track for a half of a day?

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