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hay guys what would be the best performance mod on a 100% stock ss not a s/c dont have the loot thanks :driving:

i would say go for a tuned PCM from PCM4LESS, that will wake your truck up pretty decently. much funner to :driving: - you might try and get new exhaust setup. i.e. magnaflows or flowmaster muffler replacement. you should be able to do both of those for around or under $500, and have a totally different truck.

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PCMForless charges $250 + $125 core if you don't want to give up your old one.


mbspeed, another thing that you need to think about though is how quickly you are going to mod your truck. If you are sure that you are going to get things like an exhaust or a cold air intake soon, then you may want to do those first so you don't have to get a re-tune. If it is going to be a while, then definately go ahead and get the tune first. The tune is the best bang for the buck mod for our trucks other than nitrous.


A word of caution. Once you start modding, it will NEVER stop. :)



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