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Slipping Trans???

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I was rolling at 20 or so and hit the gas. When I the rpms went up I lost boost for a split second and then it caught again and I didn;t let off the gas in between. Anybody have an idea of what it could be?


Also, if I step on it now, my rpms can go sky high, but I won't hardly go anywhere like I should.


HELP!! :banghead::banghead:

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From what you described, sounds like you just pegged the limiter. When I had my Radix, if I punched it from a slow roll I could peg the limiter. I couldn't do this from a dead stop. I adjusted up my rev limit and it almost stopped it, but still did it sometimes.


It's either that or the tranny is slipping.


Let me ask you this - do you have the old style heat exchanger, or the newer one? Is your heat exchanger still in front of your tranny cooler? Do you still have the stock cooler? Radix will beat your tranny up if you're hard on it. Leaving the heat exchanger in front of the stock tranny cooler, or running the stock cooler is doing nothing for your tranny to help it overcome what the Radix is doing to it in regards to heat. Caramel colored fluid is a pretty good indicator.

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Mine is in the front still. What would you recommend?

If it is the older style or larger/newer one, I'd relocate to the bottom grille opening. If you have the older, I'd get the larger one.


Once it is there, it will give you plenty of room to pick whatever cooler you want for your tranny and in turn will cool your h/e coolant down much quicker. A win/win. I have the largest B&M I could fit in there, a 29,200 BTU. It barely fits.

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