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ASM header install


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i think i remember reading a post where benkey mentioned cutting 1/4 inch of off the pipe before the cats to get the ASM headers to fit, and then having a exhaust shop weld the flanges onto the pipe. i couldnt find the post again, so iam hoping one of you guys who have done this remembers.


if this is the case, then i could just grind 1/4 inch down(or grind till whenver the headers with flanges bolted to each other will fit) would that work?

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I did that because that is the way the instructions read. Unless they have changed any.


Get a sawzall and cut the stock pipes, put your headers on and drive to a exhaust shop and have the flanges welded. Once you cut your pipes out of there, fitment will not be an issue, as far as your stock pipes go. They are however, a SOB to get in there.

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