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Guys running Fuel Pressure Gauges

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Just as Benkey said.  I had in issue with mine not screwing right in though, I had to get a NPT adapter to go from the sending unit to the schrader vlave.



Yes...depending on the brand of gauge you get, you may need an adapter to get you from the rail to the sending unit - even if it will screw right on. Threads may be the same, but may be a diff type of fitting - as was my case.

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I have a fuel pressure gauge on my truck. I tapped into the fuel rail, remove the shrader valve inside it. I got the tool at a bike shop. The thread on the fuel rail is actually the same as AN sizes. The only fitting that worked is the same fitting used for adding a nos pressure gauge. PM me if you want the part number. It had an extra male outlet and i added my fuel line for my wet nos shot there or you can buy a male an cap. ONLY use teflon thread sealer on the npt( fuel gauge sender) DO NOT USE IT ON THE AN STUFF

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:confused: Try these from Summit : EAR-916104 EAR-991001

I ordered them, and a whole bunch of other fittings just in case. Also, Metco has this: MFP0001 GM I'm not sure if I want to mount it directly to the rail, or run a -4 braided line off to the side somewhere. I THINK I ordered enough fittings to run it any way it looks best. I also ordered some line and fittings to do my boost gauge, too.

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