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Following your How-To I successfully opened my DRL/turn-signal lights and blacked-out the marker lenses. But I'm stumped trying to get my first headlight apart, I've been trying for over a half-hour and I'm now chewing up the outside edge of the lighting module bad - the polycarb cover lense has not budged at all. I put the light in the oven first @200-degrees for 20-mins, then tried with a butter knife, screwdriver, and chisel blade and just cannot get the lense to move.


I really want to do this so I can black-out the top amber lenses too, but the headlight is winning right now and I don't want to chew it up so bad I have to buy a replacement off eBay... I looked at your pics again, it looks like you have the butter knife halfway inside one of the lights - how did you do that?? Any guidance nce you might have I would really appreciate - thanks.


Mr. P. :)

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Oh shoot sorry I didnt get to this sooner! Yes the head lights are a pain in the ass! Jab your butter knife in there and pull that sucker apart! Man handle that sucker. Make sure you heat that one spot really well. If you start to chew some of the lens it's ok you wont be able to tell becuse the hood covers it. Focus in one spot only Its a pain in the butt as said but keep on working at it. The headlights are sealed really good. As you have already found out. Good Luck! :cheers:

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