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Dodge Dealership


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Well I was cruising around town in Fayetteville, with my buddy and we passed the Dodge Dealership, the traffic was kinda heavy so we rolled by, windows down, and two sales assosciates were gawking at my 05 SS. The lady yells to us, "Get a Dodge!" and my reply was, "I don't buy trash!" :crackup: All they had on the lot was Hemis, and Durangos, I got a kick out of this, when jealousy rears it's ugly head you can be sure that those without the class and style of power feel left out. I like Dodge vehicles, more so than Fords, but I won't own anything else but a GM product if I am paying for it. Just my two cents, I will spend once and have a truck that I am pleased with. I've had it two months now and I smile just thinking about it. :driving: My buddies comment after mine wasn't so nice..."Dodge SUCKS!" :lol:

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Boy you sure impressed them with your wit.........


Sarcasim? :shakehead: I wasn't trying to impress anyone, just wanted to let them know I heard what they said, and what I think. With that said I calmly turned up the volume and continued happily on my way. Content with my purchase in a GM product. :cheers:

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