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Arival Blue 03' SSS for sale


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I'm working on buying another house and have to lower our Debt to income ratio. This seems to be the only answer at this point, I can't loose my F*rd, I have to tow some heavy stuff and the SS would just get beat up, I would rather beat up the F*rd!!!! :D My SS was purchased in 07/04, so has the balance of factory warr. and onstar, has just over 14,000 miles, Pcmforless tune, Magnaflow muffler, Still in very good condition, 2-3 small chips in the bed, never smoked in, but has smokers package. I'm asking $27,000 and can arrange delivery if neccesary. Call me at *********** between 8am-8pm for any questions, or e-mail at ***********

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:rant: Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding, I have driven this truck, fast at times, I have done donuts in the snow, I have raced it 3 times, I have had problems that were addressed by the dealer and repaired if possible, I have kept it as clean as possible, Have done all maintenance due for the mileage, and generally had alot of fun driving my SS!!! :P O.K., Now any reasonable offer's for this wonderfull, USED, well maintained, abused(in some people's eyes),03 Silverado SS in the rarest color of Arival Blue :D Please e-mail or pm me!!!


Thank you

Mark :flag:

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I'm working on buying another house and have to lower our Debt to income ratio.



My truck is leaving tomorrow.  I traded it in on a 05' Toyota Avalon. No money changed hands, and my payment is $40.00 more a month.  :cool:


How did you lower your debt ratio if it costs $40 more a month? :dunno:

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